Top 10 Softball Cheers of All Time

There was a little froggy sitting on a log…

Cheers from the dugout are very unique to softball.  Some people who haven’t spent their entire weekend listening to them may find them annoying.  But softball fans know that cheers are part of the beauty of the game.  Players may cheer less the older they get.  Team USA softball players don’t even do it anymore.   But they will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Here’s the top 10 list of softball cheers not determined by any scientific research or polling.  If you don’t recognize them, ask the closest softball player to cheer them.  Better yet, ask you team to cheer these in the dugout! Have fun!

10.  Pitchers in a hole, 10 feet deep.  She can’t get out cause she’s got big feet. She got mud on her face, a big disgrace. Throwing those balls all over the place.  Saying we will, we will rock you down, pick you up, like a volcano ready to erupt. Hubba hubba hubba, ringa-ding-ding. Pitcher’s gonna walk you like a washing machine.  Like a washing machine if you know what I mean!

9.  Down by the softball cemetery, that’s where the other team’s gonna get buried.  Six feet wide, seven feet under.  When we bat we sound like thunder.  When you bat you sound like lighting.  Lightning isn’t very frightening.  Thunder, thunder, thunderation!  We’re the best team in the nation.  Nation, nation, nationwide!  Nationwide is on our side… NOT YOURS!

8.  Hey you! On Two! Do the funky monkey, add a little disco and raise the roof, raise raise the roof.  And pay attention!

7.  Carly we miss you, we’re running out of tissue. Come home!  Come home! Carly we miss you we have one tissue, come home, come home!  Carly we miss you, we’re all out of tissue come home! come home! and bring some tissues with you!

6.  Holy cow that was foul. Moooo -ve it over. Moooo -ve it over.  Holy sheep that was cheap.  Baaaa-ck it up. Baaa-ck it up.Holy monkey that was funky.  Swing it over.  Swing it over. Holy chicken that was fricken awwwwsome!

5.  See that pitcher over there?  Ah ding dong! She got no underwear.  Ah ding dong!  She threw it in a tree.  Ah ding dong! Now the dogs are afraid to pee.  Ah ding dong dong dong….

See that pitcher over there? Ah ding dong! She got no underwear.  Ah ding dong! She threw it in the water. Ah ding dong!  She killed a baby otter.  Ah ding dong dong dong….

See that pitcher over there? Ah ding dong! She got no underwear.  Ah ding dong! She threw it into space.  Ah ding dong! She started an alien race. Ah ding dong dong dong….


4.  My name is Katie.  (Rock the boat!)  I’m feeling fine. (Rock the boat!) You mess with me. (Rock the boat!) I’ll blow your mind. (Rock the boat!) I said a bang bang chicka-chang.  I know karate. I know kung fu. You mess with me.  I mess with you. Rock the boat! Rock Rock the boat. Rock the boat, Hit hit the ball!

3.  There was a little froggy sitting on a log.  Rooting for the other team.  He had no sense at all.  He fell into the water and bumped his little head.  And when he came back up again, this is what he said.  He said “Go! go! Go! Go you mighty (team name) Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight you mighty (team name).  Win! Win! Win! Win you mighty (team name). Go! Fight! Win!” and he never fell again.

2.  Oh no.  Way too low. See the wormy. Hit the wormy. Poor wormy.  Dead wormy! Wormy Killer.  On the mound.  On the mound.  Wormy killer!

Oh my.  Way too high.  See the birdie.  Hit the birdie.  Poor birdie   Dead birdie.  Birdie killer. On the mound.

1.  Hey first baseman! Can you break it down like Michael Jackson shake your booty like Britney Spears, wave your hands like Salt N’ Peppa, I don’t think so, I don’t think so. (repeat for other positions)