Introducing the College Softball Directory

Softball Nation is excited to unveil its College Softball Directory.


The web page was created to give players, coaches and parents an easy place to find information about college coaches, rosters and other information about their programs.  The directory provides a central place where you can look for college coaches and their contacts with a couple clicks.  It also provides easy access to links for other colleges in their conferences.

We created the directory so that parents and athletes could go to one web site and do research about colleges where they might want to go.  While directory does not list all of the conferences in Division I Softball, it has links to the most prominent softball programs in the country.

Be sure to bookmark the page to be able to refer to the site during those showcases.  Or find the emails of the college coaches of schools where athletes want to go.

If you don’t know what conference of the college of interest, simply enter the name of the school in the search bar and the link will appear.

We hope you find the directory useful!