How to Download Softball Highlights from Periscope

It’s easy to record it off your phone or download it from the web!

If you have someone on your team (or the opposing team) that recorded the game on Periscope, and you or your daughter made a great play, here’s are some quick instructions on how to get that highlight and put it on your computer.

There are a couple ways to do it.

  1. Use an iPhone and record it on a Mac or MacBook
  2. Download it off the web.

We’re going to cover both of these.

  1.  iPhone / Mac

Step 1:  Plug your phone into your iOS computer.

Step 2:  Open Periscope and find the video where your highlight is found

Step 3:  Press and Hold to scroll the periscope video back and forth to the highlight. If you have a few highlights you want to record, you might want to take note of the time code where the action happened to be able to move quickly to the highlights.

Step 4:  Open QuickTime

Step 5:  Go the ‘File’ menu and select ‘New Movie Recording’

Step 6:  Find the record button.  To the right of it, there’s a drop-down menu and select ‘your iphone’.

Step 7:  Press record and then press play on Periscope.  Quicktime will record the highlight.  You can scroll back and forth in the video while it’s recording and cut out the unneeded parts later.

Step 8:  After recording everything you need, use your mouse to press the ‘stop’ button.

Step 9:  Go to the ‘File’ menu and click ‘Save’ and name the video what you like.  It’s best to save it to the desktop so you know where it is.

2.  Download it using a Scopedown

This is good for Windows PC, Android and iOS (Apple Computer).  Scopedown is a service created to download periscope videos off the web directly to the computer.  You will download the entire video and it could take some time.  Some files can be 600mb depending on the length of the game so be sure that you have enough hard disk space.

Step 1:  Go to and find the video you’d like to download.  If you follow the person it should pop up on your account home page.

Step 2:  Copy the web address or URL of the Periscope Video

Step 2:  Go to

Step 3:  Enter the link to the Periscope video in the box provided.  Click download.

Your video should appear wherever your downloads go!

Good luck!