Top 10 Reasons You’re Disqualified from Being On The Exec Committee of a Rec Softball League (but will Probably Make It Anyway)

As we come to the end of the Rec Softball Board Term, leagues around the country will elect new board members and Executive Committee Members.  Here are 10 reasons why softball parents should not be on the Executive Board but sadly will make it anyway.

  1. You change the rules of the league to benefit your own kid
  2. You use league money to go on a personal vacation
  3. You’ve threatened to take your kids and go play travel ball
  4. You have no math skills but want to be treasurer
  5. As treasurer, you go to board meetings and say “The finances are good” but you haven’t created a budget or filed taxes for the last two years
  6. You want to put the All-Star players on one rec team because they need to “carpool”
  7. You make a deal with the local professional coaches to give lessons to your girls for free if you give them a deal to run clinics
  8. You don’t want what’s best for all the girls and families in the league and it’s all about your daughter
  9. You want to eliminate Silver All-Star teams because it degrades the Gold All-Star Teams
  10. You donate money to the local high school teams to get a spot for your kid when she gets there

Did we miss any?

Vote wisely softball parents!