D3 College Profile: School in NYC!

“You have New York City at your fingertips. The resources are limitless.”

“You have New York City at your fingertips. The resources are limitless,” says NYU Softball Head Coach Now-Allah James.  Life in the big city is not for everyone.  But if you like the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple and all it has to offer, NYU could be a great school for you!

Academics is the focus of the program and NYU is a very selective school for grades and test scores.

Coach Now-Allah James also reminds people that the new rules haven’t really changed anything for recruiting on his team as Division 3 coaches are free to talk to students as they wish.

Division III Softball Can Be a Great Experience

Coach Judy Gabriel says many players will end up playing Division II or III.  She believes many people don’t consider it because they just don’t have enough information about those schools.  She made the comments at a combined camp with Harvard University and Macalester College at Aurora Sports Park during the TCS Colorado Sparkler College Camp Sunday.

Watch this video for what she has to say about playing and being a student at Macalester College.


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