How do you choose the right team? Coach Sean Brashear talks about team and players being happy.

In our final video from our interview with Firecracker Coach Sean Brashear, he talks about the team dynamic and some things that parents should ask their softball players about playing on a team that’s right for them.

Congratulations N. Texas 14U Qualified Teams



Four teams emerged as Premier Qualified teams after the North Texas 14U Qualifier on May 13 and 14, 2017.

Emerging from the Winners’ Bracket were Texas Impact Gold National Navy who had four straight wins, scoring double digits in each game.  They defeated Impact Gold – Koehler 11-0 in their final game to clinch a berth.

The Texas Dirt Divas also emerged form the winners bracket after racking up four straight wins.  They beat Impact Gold DFW Middlebrook 4-2 in their final game.

Rebounding from their loss and rising out the losers’ bracket were Impact Gold DFW Middlebrook beating Firecrackers HTX in their final game 9-5.

Oklahoma Force 2002 also earned their berth with a win over Impact Gold Koehler 8-2.

For all the results from the weekend click here:  14U North Texas Qualifier Bracket

Coach Sean Brashear is Thankful for Trips to Del Taco


In our second of three segments with Firecrackers Coach Sean Brashear, we talk about his best advice to parents about paving the path to success.  He also talks about the fine line between pushing your kid and letting them push themselves.

Don’t Fear Failure. Embrace the Opportunity.


For many young softball players, we’re getting into the heart of the season.  Recreational leagues will soon have their tournaments, travel teams will try to qualify for National Tournaments and the eyes of college coaches will be looking for the talent they need to fill their future roster.

Parents, coaches and teammates have high expectations and hopes of glory.  All of this turns up the pressure on young ladies who aren’t even old enough to vote, or even drive.

In the first of our 3-part interview, Firecrackers Coach Sean Brashear  talks with Softball Nation about how softball players can prepare for the pressure of playing on a bigger stage.