Sign this petition to create a SOFTBALL EMOJI

Look at the emoji’s on your phone.  There’s baseball, volleyball, tennis, football and a soccer ball.  There’s even a field hockey, badminton and cricket emoji.  But there is no SOFTBALL EMOJI.

This ridiculous insanity ends now.  Sign the petition on and we will submit an application for a softball emoji.

Sign the Petition for a Softball Emoji says the biggest factor for inclusion is frequency, or how often people will use it.  A large number of signatures will let Unicode know that Softball is important enough to be included as an emoji and that it will be well used.

So let’s go Softball fans.  Share the petition with your friends, parents, grandparents, teammates, coaches and everyone you can think of.

Let’s make the SOFTBALL EMOJI happen



Your Weekly Inspiration: “Excellence is an Attitude”

This week’s inspiration comes from UCLA Coach Kelly Inouye Perez.  This seems to be a speech made to athletes at EM Training.  It’s a good one.  One you’ll want to show to your favorite athlete.

She gives athletes three things to remember.  This not only applies to young athletes but also adult athletes and adults in everyday life.

As she very often does in her speeches, she makes about of getting kids to applaud their parents for their hard work.  But this time, she asked athletes to applaud their siblings who get dragged with them to games.

We highly recommend watching this speech for your weekly inspiration!

Dear Parents, College Coaches are watching you too!

We hear a lot about what college coaches are trying to find in the players they recruit.  Coach Kelly Ford at Cal State Fullerton talks about what she looks for in athletes to fill her roster.  But she also reveals what she looks for in parents.

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Cal State Fullerton’s Softball team won the Big West Conference Championship in 2016 and 2017.  The program has made 26 NCAA postseason appearances in its rich history and reached the pinnacle of the sport six times – winning the NCAA National Championship in 1986.

Coach Ford played two NJCAA National Championship seasons at Central Arizona College for Clint Myers (now at Auburn University) in 1988 and 1989 before her career with the Sooners under then Head Coach, Jim Beitia. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Oklahoma University in 1992.

So Cal A’s Bruce Richardson Wants you to Avoid the Recruiting Disaster

“Money sometimes drives kids to certain areas and certain places… sometimes those don’t work out so well.”

So Cal Athletics Coach Bruce Richardson has won several PGF National Championships. His organization has seen players get recruited to universities across the country.
We asked for his thoughts on the college recruiting process.

He described good situations and situations that have ended in disaster.  His interview provides valuable knowledge for kids and parents trying to understand more about the college recruiting process.


Why USC has No Softball Team

“USC did an extensive study about 15 years ago on the feasibility of adding softball…”

When you look at the list of teams on the Pac-12 Softball Standings things don’t match up.  There are only nine teams on the list.  Missing are USC, Washington State and Colorado University.

In this article we’ll focus on the University of Southern California, which is located in Southern California, where fastpitch softball is HUGE.  Their cross-town rival UCLA has numerous titles.  Athletes in their backyard are being plucked and sent all across the country to fill roster spots in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, ACC, etc.

We asked USC’s Director of Sports Information Tim Tessalon why USC has no Softball Team and if the PAC-12 powerhouse had ever considered starting a softball program.

“USC did an extensive study about 15 years ago on the feasibility of adding softball, but determined that there was not available adequate space on or near campus for a stadium and accompanying facilities that would allow USC to compete at the highest level in the sport,” stated Tessalon.

Lacrosse was added to the long list of USC sports teams with it’s inaugural season in 2013.  It was a sport that needed no extra real estate.  “When lacrosse was added, it was able to compete and practice on the existing soccer and track facilities,” Tessalon stated said.

In fact, there are several sports in USC Athletics that only have women’s sports:  Soccer, Rowing, Beach Volleyball and Cross-Country.  There is also no Men’s Soccer team.

Tessalon revealed there are no plans to add softball.

But there was a softball team that claimed the USC banner.  On Twitter, an account with the handle @USCSoftball claims to be “USC’s one and only softball team!”.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.31.08 PM

It seems like it may have been an intramural team as the twitter account owner’s last season may have been in 2013.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.58.24 PM

Efforts to reach members of the team have not been successful.

Softball Parent Stereotypes

You see them. You know them. You may even be one.

Maybe it’s the emotion of watching our daughters play in sports.  Maybe we want to protect them from all the evils of the world.  Maybe our egos and essentially, our happiness, are completely tied to their success on the softball field.

Softball Parent Syndrome manifests itself in many ways.  Look around you next time you’re at a tournament, friendly or practice. Can you recognize any of these symptoms?



Batbuster’s Coach Stith Reveals the Most Important Trait in a Coach

Also: “Softball’s Ultimate Test”

With years of experience and National Championships under his belt, Coach Stith runs one of the oldest Travel Softball organizations in California, with teams in many other states.

From his office in Anaheim, he talks about the most important trait he wants in a travel softball coach, the importance of PGF and what makes a championship team.

Michigan Softball’s Coach Hutch on Players Standing Out Among the Rest

It was great to able to get a quick interview with University of Michigan Softball Coach Carol Hutchins.  Between her job of watching players and the constant flow of people wanting to talk to her and take her picture, she’s a very busy coach.

We asked her what players can do to get noticed by college coaches like her.  Her answer to the question was simple.


Texas A&M’s Jo Evans: “Create an environment where they love playing the game.”

“That’s your life, right there, right then, right now. What are you gonna do with it?”

If you watched the Women’s College World Series, you probably saw videos of Texas A&M Coach Jo Evans giving speeches to her players and getting them fired up for battle.  We were able to speak with her about her speeches and how she likes to inspire her team to succeed.  She also has some recommendations for coaches who want to do the same.

Here’s some video of Coach Evans giving her speech to players.

Here’s a great video of Coach Evans getting the Powerade bath!

Coach Tony Rico Gives Advice on Handling the Recruiting Process

“Don’t get caught up keeping up with the softball Joneses”

We talked to Firecrackers Softball Coach Tony Rico at the exclusive Firecrackers Combine at the Triple Crown Sports Colorado Sparkler.  He told us his advice to players and parents on handling the pressures and emotions of the college recruiting process.