See it, and then try it

UCSB Coach Brie Galicinao tells softball players what to look for when watching NCAA games

It’s getting late in the season and NCAA Softball games are all over TV.  This is a great opportunity for the softball players to learn by watching some of the best players in the country.

Softball Nation spoke to UC Santa Barbara Coach Brie Galicinao and asked her what players should be looking for when watching NCAA softball games.  She has great advice on trying to emulate players and understanding who you are as a player.

Jennie Finch and Delanie Gourley Talk Dancing with the Stars Athletes!

Softball Nation went with Delanie Gourley to the Dancing with the Stars Athletes rehearsal studio where Jennie Finch Daigle and her pro dance partner Keo Motsepe talked about their performance, practice and competing.

Jennie also talks about the incredible opportunity for her to represent softball on a completely different stage.  And look out for the hint that Keo drops about the theme of a dance in their finale.

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“We’re there to be excellent in everything we do”

College Profile: Ohio State with Coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly

Our College Profile takes you to the Big 10.  We spent a few moments talking to Ohio State Softball’s Head Coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly after a cold rainy game in Chicago.

She talks about what she looks for in recruiting softball players and what it’s like to play at ‘The’ Ohio State University




“When I Walked on Campus, I knew this is where I wanted to be”

   High School Senior Paige Barth shares her recruiting story.

Senior Paige Barth is headed to San Diego State University this fall.  The utility player who is a Utility Player and plays for Firecrackers Brashear in Southern California, talked about her recruiting experience.


New NCAA Rules Take Effect

The NCAA confirms that new rules restricting recruiting conversations are now in effect. Their confirmation comes after the conclusion of the Division I Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Effective immediately will are provisions to ban recruiting before a Prospective Student-Athlete’s (PSA) junior year of high school and restrictions on game tickets.

Rules that move forward official visits to the PSA’s Junior year take effect on August 1, according to Michelle Hosick of the NCAA.

The move is designed to bring an end to colleges recruiting young men and women, some as early as the 6th grade.

What do you think of the new rules?  Take our poll

What comes next for softball and many other sports is unknown but we can look to lacrosse as an example.  The sport enacted similar recruiting rules last year. 

Lakeshore Lacrosse based in the Chicago Metropolitan Area said the changes made things easier on kids and parents.  “There is more time and less pressure because they have 1-2 years of grades and classes to help guide their college search which is much more than earlier,” said Michelle Sebastian, Director of Coaching.

Sebastion said her club didn’t see any switching of commitments in players.  The new rules also afforded recruiters time to better assess players after competing in high school and club.

And she said there’s not drop-off in interest in the sport.  “Their summers aren’t as full at such an early age trying to visit schools every weekend,” said Sebastion.

One of the most interesting developments after the rule changes was the increase in switched commitments.  This is where students had originally committed to a school and then switched to a different school.  “Because it was less worth while to watch the younger recruits, coaches refocused on 2018’s and started poaching committed players”, said Terry Foy, Publisher at Inside Lacrosse.  Foy said with 71 D1 men’s lacrosse programs and roughly 700 players, 55 prospective student athletes switched their commitments.

NCAA rules were changed in April of 2017 and the full effects with data may not be felt until the next few years.  But in conversations with families, Foy said parents were relieved.  “The burden was lifted off parents on how much they needed to travel going into their freshman year… especially for families with multiple kids,” he said.   Foy pointed out that 9th grade lacrosse players stopped attending the large club team tournaments because they started associating with the younger age groups.

Foy believes this was a good process for college coaches and administrators to come together in an organized way and do what many believed was best for the sport.  “Being able execute the process was great for lacrosse,” said Fox.

Softball Nation called numerous Lacrosse Coaches and organizations on the East Coast, Midwest and Southern California but calls were not returned.

On a more personal level, Alex Walling, a 2019 women’s lacrosse player said she feels it’s a race to get recruited since the beginning of her junior year.  “I feel rushed because before the rule change, college coaches tried to recruit as many girls in my grade as possible,” said Alex.  “And now it’s a rush to find colleges that haven’t closed their 2019 recruiting class.”

Her father, Steve said they received an offer from school before the recruiting rules took effect last year, but it wasn’t the right school for his daughter.  “I wonder how much money I would have saved traveling around the country going to all these tournaments if we committed then,” he said.


Coach Hutch: I Pray Every Day that It Goes Through

University of Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins weighs in before a critical vote by the NCAA Division I Council on new rules to restrict early recruiting.

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Top 10 Softball Cheers of All Time

There was a little froggy sitting on a log…

Cheers from the dugout are very unique to softball.  Some people who haven’t spent their entire weekend listening to them may find them annoying.  But softball fans know that cheers are part of the beauty of the game.  Players may cheer less the older they get.  Team USA softball players don’t even do it anymore.   But they will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Here’s the top 10 list of softball cheers not determined by any scientific research or polling.  If you don’t recognize them, ask the closest softball player to cheer them.  Better yet, ask you team to cheer these in the dugout! Have fun!

10.  Pitchers in a hole, 10 feet deep.  She can’t get out cause she’s got big feet. She got mud on her face, a big disgrace. Throwing those balls all over the place.  Saying we will, we will rock you down, pick you up, like a volcano ready to erupt. Hubba hubba hubba, ringa-ding-ding. Pitcher’s gonna walk you like a washing machine.  Like a washing machine if you know what I mean!

9.  Down by the softball cemetery, that’s where the other team’s gonna get buried.  Six feet wide, seven feet under.  When we bat we sound like thunder.  When you bat you sound like lighting.  Lightning isn’t very frightening.  Thunder, thunder, thunderation!  We’re the best team in the nation.  Nation, nation, nationwide!  Nationwide is on our side… NOT YOURS!

8.  Hey you! On Two! Do the funky monkey, add a little disco and raise the roof, raise raise the roof.  And pay attention!

7.  Carly we miss you, we’re running out of tissue. Come home!  Come home! Carly we miss you we have one tissue, come home, come home!  Carly we miss you, we’re all out of tissue come home! come home! and bring some tissues with you!

6.  Holy cow that was foul. Moooo -ve it over. Moooo -ve it over.  Holy sheep that was cheap.  Baaaa-ck it up. Baaa-ck it up.Holy monkey that was funky.  Swing it over.  Swing it over. Holy chicken that was fricken awwwwsome!

5.  See that pitcher over there?  Ah ding dong! She got no underwear.  Ah ding dong!  She threw it in a tree.  Ah ding dong! Now the dogs are afraid to pee.  Ah ding dong dong dong….

See that pitcher over there? Ah ding dong! She got no underwear.  Ah ding dong! She threw it in the water. Ah ding dong!  She killed a baby otter.  Ah ding dong dong dong….

See that pitcher over there? Ah ding dong! She got no underwear.  Ah ding dong! She threw it into space.  Ah ding dong! She started an alien race. Ah ding dong dong dong….


4.  My name is Katie.  (Rock the boat!)  I’m feeling fine. (Rock the boat!) You mess with me. (Rock the boat!) I’ll blow your mind. (Rock the boat!) I said a bang bang chicka-chang.  I know karate. I know kung fu. You mess with me.  I mess with you. Rock the boat! Rock Rock the boat. Rock the boat, Hit hit the ball!

3.  There was a little froggy sitting on a log.  Rooting for the other team.  He had no sense at all.  He fell into the water and bumped his little head.  And when he came back up again, this is what he said.  He said “Go! go! Go! Go you mighty (team name) Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight you mighty (team name).  Win! Win! Win! Win you mighty (team name). Go! Fight! Win!” and he never fell again.

2.  Oh no.  Way too low. See the wormy. Hit the wormy. Poor wormy.  Dead wormy! Wormy Killer.  On the mound.  On the mound.  Wormy killer!

Oh my.  Way too high.  See the birdie.  Hit the birdie.  Poor birdie   Dead birdie.  Birdie killer. On the mound.

1.  Hey first baseman! Can you break it down like Michael Jackson shake your booty like Britney Spears, wave your hands like Salt N’ Peppa, I don’t think so, I don’t think so. (repeat for other positions)

SoCal Softball Community Mourns the Loss of Emma Pangelinan

Southern California’s travel softball community is grieving after the loss of a young teenager who played for OC Batbusters – Shockey.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed at 5:14 pm on Monday Jan 22 that Emma Pangelinan’s body had been discovered at Pinecrest Park in Mission Viejo.  She had been listed as missing and “at risk” by the Sheriff’s Department since around 9am.

The Sheriff’s Department said someone found her body in a heavily brushed area at the park.   Investigators said the death did not appear suspicious.  This often means there were no obvious signs of trauma or struggle.  But a full investigation and autopsy will be conducted by the Orange County Coroner’s office.

A gofundme page has been created to help support the family in this difficult time.

There is also a meal train where people can sign up to cook meals for the family.

Firecrackers President Tony Rico expressed his condolences to the family as she played for the Firecrackers Holcomb-Knight team last season.

Catching Coach Jen Schro posted on Facebook that Emma was a regular student of Morgan Stuart’s defensive lessons .

Many other coaches and Southern California travel teams also expressed their sadness over her loss.

The softball community in Southern California awoke to this desperate plea from the team, which state that she had gone missing and was last seen on Sunday afternoon.

Introducing the College Softball Directory

Softball Nation is excited to unveil its College Softball Directory.


The web page was created to give players, coaches and parents an easy place to find information about college coaches, rosters and other information about their programs.  The directory provides a central place where you can look for college coaches and their contacts with a couple clicks.  It also provides easy access to links for other colleges in their conferences.

We created the directory so that parents and athletes could go to one web site and do research about colleges where they might want to go.  While directory does not list all of the conferences in Division I Softball, it has links to the most prominent softball programs in the country.

Be sure to bookmark the page to be able to refer to the site during those showcases.  Or find the emails of the college coaches of schools where athletes want to go.

If you don’t know what conference of the college of interest, simply enter the name of the school in the search bar and the link will appear.

We hope you find the directory useful!