Big 10 Softball Teams

Links to Big 10 Teams  If you can’t find the contact details of the coaches on their webpages, they may be on the Athletics Department Staff Directory.  If you can’t find it there, they probably don’t want you to email them.

Illinois – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Indiana – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Iowa – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Maryland – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Michigan – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Michigan State – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Minnesota – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Nebraska – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Northwestern – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Ohio State – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Penn State – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Purdue – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Rutgers – ScheduleRosterCoaches

Wisconsin – ScheduleRosterCoaches