This Change Up will Make Your Knees Buckle

Where it’s legal and where it’s not.

This changeup is fun to watch.  We’ve slowed it down to give you a better look at it.  Scroll down below the video for an explanation about whether this pitch is legal.


Is this Pitch Legal?

This pitch seems like it would be legal under USSSA Tournament Rules.  In Rule 6, Pitching Rule, it states:

“G. The Pitcher may use any windup provided:…”   “4.  The pitcher does not make more than one and one half revolutions of the arm in the windmill pitch. A pitcher may drop the pitching arm tothe side and to the rear before starting the windmill motion. The balldoes not have to be released the first time past the hip.”

Unfortunately for pitchers and fortunately for batters, this pitch is illegal in many other places in women’s and girls fast pitch softball.

In NCAA Softball Rules, Rule 10, it states:

“10.6.3   The pitch shall be released underhand and the hand shall travel below the hip. ” “10.6.4   The release and follow-through of the hand and wrist must be forward.”

This pitch clearly follows these rules. Where it breaks down is the next line.

“10.6.5  The pitcher may not make another arm revolution after releasing the ball.”


Watching the video, she clearly releases the ball and then makes another revolution with her arm, essentially making it illegal.

Also, USA Softball Official Rules of Softball 2017:

Rule 6A Pitching Regulations (Fastpitch), Section 3 (Legal Delivery),

M:  The pitcher shall not make another revolution after releasing the ball.

Triple Crown Sports tournaments use ASA rules, while PGF tournaments use NFHS rules which Softball Nation has not downloaded at the time of publishing.

Either way, this pitch is a lot of fun to watch.  If it were legal where you play?  Would you call this pitch? Would you like to throw it?  Please feel free to comment!


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