College Softball Pitchers Share their Recruiting Stories

“… that is one thing that sets you apart from everybody else.”

These three women were recruited as pitchers to Division I universities.  Although they are all pitchers, much of their experience and advice relates to players in all positions.

All three are students of Pitching Coach Monica Fenton in San Diego.  You’ll hear from Courtney Shaw, junior pitcher at UC Berkeley. Izzy Ortiz, is a sophomore pitcher at Georgetown University who recently transferred from St. Mary’s.  Megan Leyva is a senior at DePaul University. She was recruited as a pitcher, but now plays outfield due to an injury.

We asked them a variety of questions like:

  • What was your recruiting process like?
  • How did you reach out to college coaches?
  • How did you get recruited?
  • What’s the biggest difference between playing for college and travel ball?

Their answers were enlightening and sure to give parents and players a perspective on different paths to playing in college.



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