Pitching Coach Monica Fenton on Common Recruiting Questions

“Pitchers need to be good enough… a lot of people don’t like to hear that. “

   Pitching Coach Monica Fenton has helped players find success in the circle for 18 years. She’s seen well over a hundred of her students recruited to schools around the country.  
    In the first part of our interview with her, she answered the questions:

– What do college coaches want in their pitchers?

– How important are taking breaks from the game?

– What’s the toughest thing about getting recruited as a pitcher

As a known pitching coach to college recruiters, she has a unique perspective on how college coaches and recruits find each other. 

We asked her a battery of questions about pitchers and the recruiting process. While the questions were about pitching, the answers can be applied to other positions. They give us a great perspective on the mindset of college coaches in searching for players. 

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